Hanuman ji, the ultimate bhakti yogi

Who you meditate on, you become.

I find experientially that meditating on Hanuman through his mantras Chalisa, Gayatri and Baba Hanuman during stressful situations have been healing and opening my heart to the unconditional love of the universe, and have been cleansing and clearing my meridians in the process. I believe that the main reason for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits derived by chanting the mantras is because as the palpable personification as Sankata Mochan (reliever of suffering) and as Lord of Breath, Pranadeva Hanuman infuses the meditator devotee (bhakta) with the essential love energy which is the greatest force in the universe. Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman.

With Hanuman Qigong as one of the Enlightenment Qigong forms, its potential for the self-realization or enlightenment of its meditation and Qigong practitioners is made possible when his heart is integrated with spirit, one's thoughts gradually melt from the mind, merging with the purest qi and the most sincere love in the universe.

According to popular tradition, Hanuman is not only the greatest devotee in terms of loving Rama, but also the greatest in worshipping him, particularly in the devotional chanting known as kirtan that calls upon sacred pranic energies which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, open and heal the heart, and bring us back to the center of our being. According to popular belief, Hanuman is present wherever Rama's name is sung, since taking part in this is his highest bliss. See Baba Hanuman

Tulsidas' most famous and wisely read poem of 40 verses (chalisa) was written in praise of Lord Hanuman. Many recite it as a prayer on a regular basis (daily or weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays). It is said to provide inner-strength and deliverance from ones troubles.

Maharaj-ji said, "Hanuman is the breath of Ram," the breath of God. God is not far away from us but as close as our breath. Symbolically Hanuman represents the breath, our constant companion and aid along the spiritual path. He is the son of the wind, (Vayu) the very essence of prana (vital energy) itself. Whenever we need increased power and vitality Hanuman is there for us, we need only remember him. Our breath and prana for it is breath that serves the divine within us all.

Therefore, Hanuman is also called Pranadeva, or the God of Breath or Life. See Sri Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Gayatri is for those who want to develop a amazing stamina, the power of selfless love, great physical strength and the power to heal wounds promptly. Hanuman is the embodiment of strength, stamina, wit, loyalty and unwavering devotion. Hanuman is also fearless and never hesitating. Hanuman gayatri is an extraordinary gayatri mantra for those who want to develop qualities like Hanuman. If you are ever in need of strength Hanuman Gayatri is for you. And the strength is both physical as well as inner strength. You can get rid of your fears with Hanuman Gayatri and get rid of doubts too. Your loyalty and devotion will increase manifold and you will also be blessed with clarity of mind to see through things. For where there is clarity of mind, doubts and hesitation will be pushed out of the back door.


Most people are the wrong type of Hanuman. Instead of meditating on Lord Rama or their Sadguru, they regularly meditate on the wrong type of role models such as actors, actresses, singers and rock stars. If you meditate on them, you do not get shaktipat or spiritual empowerment. This is using the wrong model. Who you meditate on, you become.

Hanuman is the ultimate bhakti yogi because he is constantly looking at the Sadguru, not just physically, but also internally, and always listening to his instructions. You can say to your Sadguru, "I am your disciple, but spiritually we are one," only if you become a Hanuman.

This book is dedicated to all the people whose life challenge is battling their monkey-mind (ego) which I believe is the cause of suffering and can be conquered by becoming like Hanuman whose love and devotion to his Sadguru is shown by the application of Hanuman Qigong and Hunaman ji's mantras and self-realization teachings of Kashmir Shaivism contained in this book.

Hanuman personifies the grace of Lord Rama and Lord Shiva.
He has the distinctive power of Rudra (Shiva).

Hanuman with Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana

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This is how I quiet my monkey mind – I become aware of my breath and my monkey mind quiets
down. Calling on Hanuman will help tame the monkey mind. – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

Hanuman Quotes from Ramayana

Not getting depressed, frustrated or dejected is the basis for all prosperity and happiness. Giving up one's life produces nothing good, to continue to live is the way to joy and happiness.

A wise man should foresee tragedy or misfortune and take action to prevent or overcome such tragedy or misfortune well before it strikes. Thus only he can enjoy a safe and good life.

One's innermost thoughts and emotions reflect on one's physical appearance which it is difficult to cover up however one may try to do it. Such changes in one's physical appearance forcefully expose such innermost emotions and thoughts.

When Hanuman first met Sri Ram, he says: 'the jeeva is deluded by maya, so I could not recognize my lord in your form'.

On another occasion Hanuman tells Rama: 'when I think of myself as a body, I am your servant; when I think of myself as an individual soul, I am part of you; but when I realize I am atman, you and I become one.'

Hanuman to Tara, wife of Vali: A man reaps the fruits of the actions he has performed: actions whether good or bad, and death grants him these fruits. No man's action depends on those of another. This human body is like a bubble on the surface of water. No one need mourn for another since we are all to be pitied. You are in a pitiable state and you feel sorry for Vali who is dead. There is no cause for grief in this world where everything is transient.

Sanskrit meanings of terms:

Pranadeva in Sanskrit means the Lord of Breath, Prana (life-force) or Life.

The name Hanuman gives a clue to his character. It is a combination of two Sanskrit words, hanan (annihilation) and man (mind), thus indicating one who has conquered his ego.

"Rama" in ancient Sanskrit literally means "Ra" – radiance, and "Ma" – within, or the radiance within an individual.

"Sankata Mochan" in Sanskrit literally means reliever of suffering.

IMPORTANT NOTE by Ricardo B Serrano: I believe that the other important reason why I meditate on Hanuman ji is that, as a Shaivite yogi from Bhagawan Nityananda lineage, he personifies the grace of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama, and he also has the distinctive power of Rudra (Shiva).

I therefore recommend that the practitioner practice Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong to imbibe Hanuman ji's blessings and spiritual empowerment for healing and enlightenment. The books "Return to Oneness with Shiva" with "Oneness with Shiva" are also recommended reading.





The master (guru) is the means. - Shiva Sutra 2.6

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